Securely manage employee and visitor access to your network

Ensure your network speed and security

Cyberpass enables you to manage Internet access via Wi-Fi for visitors and employees, monitoring usage and protecting your internal network from unauthorized access.

Access and content control for your employees’ safe browsing

Allow your employees to access the Internet by integrating with the corporate directory environments. This allows you to manage access and block browsing at malicious or malware-threatening websites. You will also be able to keep a log of all accesses to your network, which may be used in the future for forensic incident analysis or traffic sizing.

Make releasing Internet access easier

With Cyberpass you will no longer have to keep passwords written on the whiteboard of your meeting room, or on a piece of paper. Nor will you need to call your IT department to enable visitor access. Using the tool, you manage access securely and effectively by providing time-limited “access codes” to visitors. You can also select internal access sponsors who approve and release network access to visitors upon request, in a quick, convenient way.