Cyberpass is a powerful Marketing, BI, and Customer Smart Data tool that assists your business in understanding the experience and behavior of customers and visitors, both online and offline.


Simply and safely, Cyberpass provides you:

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Hassle-free access to your customers and visitors.

Through Social Login, Cyberpass automatically recognizes Wi-Fi users without having to fill out long forms or go through many pages to browse the Internet.

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Brand Reinforcement

Cyberpass allows your company to use landing pages for the access journey of customers and visitors, reinforcing your brand as a company that facilitates the daily lives of your customers.

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Creating a knowledge base about your customers and visitors and increasing the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Cyberpass consolidates strategic information about your audience's interests and consumer habits, based on Internet access data, allowing you to segment and target your marketing campaigns and increase the qualification and conversion of your leads. With the application, your company will also be able to develop research about your products and services.

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Increased relevance in social networks and search engines

Integration with social networks increases the engagement and relevance of your business through sharing, check-ins, and likes on your page. In addition, by including visits to your website to your user experience, you can encourage visits by leveraging impressions and improving your website’s reputation in the search engine ranking.

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Increase your app download rates

Promote downloads of your mobile app by using campaigns on your Wi-Fi networks for Apple Store and Google Play downloads.

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Managing your public network

Securely manage visitor access to your business network.

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Security for your business

Cyberpass includes tools to protect the integrity of your network from the risks associated with access to inappropriate content and malware websites.

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Understanding your customers’ relationship with their physical spaces

Cyberpass uses a heat map and flow analysis of your customers’ displacement within your facilities, enabling you to identify higher and lower flow areas, allowing you to better explore these areas or make layout changes to your facilities.

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Simple installation without a complex infrastructure

Cyberpass is an easy-to-activate cloud-based service that uses your Wi-Fi network structure.

How it Works

Cyberpass is an easy-to-activate cloud-based service that uses your Wi-Fi network structure, providing your customers, visitors and employees with a simple, intuitive Internet access journey. Your company will have control over these accesses, and will be able to extract strategic information, conduct marketing campaigns.