Connect with your students and broaden their participation in academic activities.

Control the access of students, teaching staff and employees to your network

Cyberpass enables you customize who can access your network, and for how long. You can also block access to websites with inappropriate content and increase the security of your network.

Know your students and keep them engaged

Through the database provided by Cyberpass, you can understand your students’ preferences and areas of interest, so you can develop new actions to increase student participation and engagement by promoting workshops, lectures and other extracurricular activities that fit each one’s profile.

Develop a channel for direct communication with your students

The tool allows you to send quick reminders to students, teaching staff and employees, such as exam week notifications, activity cancellations, or work suspension in specific cases such as power outages or teaching staff shortages. You can also conduct specific surveys and polls.

Understand the use of your school or university spaces

With the heat map provided by the platform, you will understand the areas most used by your students, helping to develop living and convenience spaces.