Transform your visitors’ experience and monetize your events even more

Identify your visitors and build a database

Through Social Login, Cyberpass automatically recognizes Wi-Fi users and, based on your visitor’s login data, the platform consolidates their interests and spending habits.

Develop your schedule and build campaigns with relevant, personalized content.

Based on the social interests of the citizens and tourists captured by Cyberpass, encourage visits to parks, theaters, and museums. Also develop an interesting cultural schedule, promoting commemorative dates, parties, and events in general.

Account for visitors and measure the outcome of your events

You can access data for a particular day and time to account for the event’s reach against the expected audience. The tool also enables you to create satisfaction surveys about the event.

Optimize your physical spaces

With the Cyberpass heat map, understand how your visitors use the areas of your property or event, as well as their displacement flow, to optimize future events, identify access or overcrowding spots, and improve signage.

Partner with producers and ensure the event success

Gain the exclusivity of hosting events by major producers, by providing your partners with public interest data from their events, supporting producers in targeting campaigns for upcoming attractions.

Increase your relevance in social networks

Integration with social networks increases engagement and, consequently, your on-line relevance, through check-ins and likes on your page.