Frequently Asked Questions

Cyberpass is a cloud-based solution for places that want to provide smarter Wi-Fi to their customers with autonomy, ease and control. The platform enables creating a database of qualified leads data and Analytics to generate targeted communication campaigns.

Yes, because it is a cloud-based solution the Internet must be accessible for everything to work properly.

Yes, Cyberpass segments your stores, or branch offices, with a powerful database and analytics, where you can gain store-specific insights into the unified view as a whole.

A person – or group of people – at your company, authorized to securely allow guest access to the Wi-Fi network via an email.

Cyberpass does not serve advertising while users are browsing. They are impacted only by some type of campaign, or media, on their access journey (landing page, etc.), and any email, SMS and survey campaigns your company may develop. The idea is to provide user convenience and information to your company or institution, without disturbing users, and respecting data privacy.

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For the list with technical details of the compatible hardware, please visit our Wiki.

In CP Guest – the base module – the access methods include: Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter) and registration with fields customizable according to business requirements (name, email, SMS, CPF (taxpayers’ identification number), RG (national ID card number), phone number, etc.).

When CP Corp is contracted, the following access methods are added: Passcode, Corporate Directory, and Access Sponsor.

Yes, the app displays privacy notifications and manages user consent regarding the capture of personal data. The company also ensures data privacy and security and allows users to view or remove their data and report incidents, in compliance with laws such as: “GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation” and “Civil Framework for the Internet.”

It’s a type of campaign where visitors are encouraged to download a particular App from Google Play or Apple Store.

Cyberpass is a cloud-based software tool, or SaaS (Software as a Service), and is contracted under the subscription model. You don’t need to install anything (see the technology partners that support the solution).

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The product is sold in a modular form. The CP Guest module is the foundation required for your business to start gaining benefits from the Cyberpass product. The other modules – CP Insight, CP Safe, and CP Corp – are optional, and can be added to CP Guest. Pricing varies based on the size of your network (Wi-Fi hotspots).

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