Have an agile system place and make it easy for your patients and caregivers to connect

Hassle-free access to your patients and visitors

Through Social Login, Cyberpass automatically recognizes Wi-Fi users without having to fill out long forms or go through many pages to browse the Internet. You can also offer time-limited access codes to your visitors.

Manage Wi-Fi access for doctors, nurses, and staff

Allow your employees to access the Internet by integrating with the corporate directory environments or by providing time-limited “access codes.” You can also elect internal access sponsors who approve and release network access to employees and visitors upon request, in a quick, convenient way.

Build a channel for communication with your audience

The tool allows logging access data, including name, contact details, age, etc. With this data, you can set up automatic email or SMS alerts to remind your patients about future appointments and test results.

Boost health and wellness campaigns

Cyberpass allows you to understand the issues of interest to your patients, related to health and wellness. This will enable to disseminate awareness campaigns, health actions, and other events that your establishment provides to the public.

Assess the service provided by your establishments

Outstanding service is a major differential for the healthcare industry, so it has to be constantly monitored. Thus, Cyberpass allows you to send surveys to your patients, staff and visitors, helping to understand what is working or what needs improvement at your establishment.

Increase your network security

With Cyberpass you can block browsing of malicious or malware-threatening websites. You will also be able to keep a log of all accesses to your network, which may be used in the future for forensic incident analysis or traffic sizing.