Add an efficient platform to your business to increase your sales and customer loyalty.

Convenience for your customers and relevant information for your business

With Cyberpass, your customers will have fast and secure Internet access, and you can consolidate a database of their interests and spending habits, allowing you to better target your marketing campaigns.

Understand your customer’s travel and optimize your physical spaces

Cyberpass uses heat maps and displacement flow to identify the most visited areas in your store, access points, and the customers’ length of stay, allowing you to better explore the product exposure at those areas, make layout changes to your store, or optimize the team sizing for service during intensive-flow periods.

Talk to your customers directly and increase your sales

Take advantage of the moment your customers are connected to drive real-time promotions, conduct surveys, and strengthen your brand.

Increase the length of stay in your store

Customers using Wi-Fi spend an average of 62% longer than other customers at the store.

Improve the performance of your promotional campaigns on celebration dates

Retail is driven by actions on celebration dates, such as Christmas, Mothers’ Day, and Valentine’s Day. Cyberpass will help leverage campaigns during these periods and also understand the impact of these actions on customer behavior both inside and outside the store.

Match information both online and offline

Match information from Cyberpass about physical access to your stores with your e-commerce or ERP data, understanding your customers’ behavior in both the online and offline worlds.

Secure your business

With Cyberpass you can block browsing of malicious or malware-threatening websites. You will also be able to keep a log of all accesses to your network, which may be used in the future for forensic incident analysis or traffic sizing.